Christian Supply Chain Buying Group Global (CSCBG Global) is an interdenominational, not for profit organisation comprising of regional CSC Buying Groups in Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the United Kingdom.

CSC Buying Group was first established in New Zealand in 2003, after many years of corporate alliances managed by various members of CCI NZ.

Similarly CCI Australia had managed a Bulk Buying and Alliance Program for approximately 18 yrs before officially launching CSC Buying Group in January 2008. CSC Buying Group is a serving ministry of Christian Camping in Australia now known as Christian Venues Association.

Both organisations have contributed significantly to the value of membership of the CCI region as well as contributing financially to assist the ministry in the regions.

CSCBG facilitate quality products and services at the best possible negotiated prices for the members we serve; providing our member organisations with savings and purchasing advantages.

CSC Buying Group Global uses the combined purchasing power of our member organizations in each country to leverage better purchasing rates where an International advantage exists. The more organisations that utilise the service and the preferred CSCBG suppliers, the greater the leverage CSCBG has to negotiate discounts, lower prices and member benefits.

In Australia there are approximately 1,000 CSCBG members and in New Zealand there are over 4,000 members.