CSCBG Global aims to assist the ministry of Christian camping globally.

We offer CSCBG as an initiative to support and financially assist the CCI (Christian Camping International) ministry in each region.

CCI regions who are interested in resources which may assist them to become more self sufficient may chose the CSCBG initiative as an option.

CSCBG offers the structure, templates, practices and protocols as well as experience in alliance management to roll out a CSCBG in your CCI region.

CSCBG aims to establish alliances with CCI in any of the regions around the globe so that:

  • the ministry of camping can be better supported financially Internationally, nationally & regionally and remain financially viable into the future.
  • the region can provide savings and member benefits to members of CSCBG on the goods and services they require to run their organisation.
  • the value of CCI membership is enhanced
  • the region can achieve greater purchasing leverage with both local and international suppliers.
  • many more of the lost may come to hear the message of the gospel at a Christian Camp or Conference Centre.